More Than Meets the Eye


Photo Courtesy of Emile

Does your child have trouble rising in the am no matter how long they’ve slept? Noticing puffy dark under-eye circles?  Maybe a nagging tummy ache that never really seems to go away? There may be more than meets the eye.

A little personal reflection

I remember being 4 years old crying in the middle of the night at the emergency room because of a terrible earache. As a young kid I experienced one upper respiratory infection after another. The docs responded by throwing antibiotics at me without further investigation. It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that a genius ENT specialist suggested the removal of my extra-large tonsils. Did I feel better after their excision? Sure, a little, but I was tired, I had permanent under-eye circles, a constant upset stomach, and headaches. Hardly the way an otherwise vivacious 15 year old girl was accustomed to feeling.

At those visits to the doctor, I remember re-counting my common signs and symptoms; post-nasal drip, an itchy nose, constant phlegm in the am, and headaches. So what was my diagnosis? Oh let’s see, the common cold, the common cold, strep, strep, strep… After a while, my doc found it easier to simply call in my antibiotics without even seeing me in the office!

The story may have gone on this way if one of my mother’s natural minded friends hadn’t suggested to explore the possibility of food allergies. He explained, because popular western medical treatment emphasized symptoms rather than manifestations of more complex patterns, food allergies often went un-diagnosed in kids. I lucked out though, was properly diagnosed through a specialized blood test, and determined that I indeed had food allergies to both cow’s milk and wheat. With the burden lifted from my immune system, and vitality restored, I returned to my happy self. I haven’t taken an antibiotic now in over 15 years!

Food allergies have been diagnosed in about 3 million US children. Whether you want to learn how to spot the signs and symptoms early or are newly researching alternatives to your child’s allergies, WellWire’s handy new 101 guide offers a great plan to get started!

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