Patient Practitioner Mixin’ & What’s Ahead

I’ve been doing a lot of writing, mixing up the talk to address both patients and practitioners simultaneously. From this mixin’ I’ve received a myriad of favorable responses from readers. A few readers have been missing my writing at WellWire (ah, thanks by the way) where for some time I was focusing on more medically based writing. In the past I haven’t done much hardcore writing featuring my practice specialty, psychoneuroendocrinology because I largely reserved that for individualized patient conversation as well as my consulting to docs. Because I value your exceptional feedback, I’ll be featuring more medically based topics in the upcoming months related to PNE. And, I promise to continue including the socio-cultural implications of all topics to keep each topic current and relevant as it relates to modern living. You guys keep firing great questions at me, you’re all so smart-I love that my readers are pro-active researchers!

Coming up I’ll be discussing more immune, endocrine and neuro-psych concerns as they relate to psychoneuroendocrinology and the integrative functional treatment and lifestyle modalities we can use to interpret these concerns. A large part of my practice is dedicated to seeing thyroid related and GI concerns. I’ll be featuring an article on comprehensive evaluations and current progressive research for thyroid concerns. A lot of patients are pregnant or planning to become pregnant right now- you won’t want to miss my article on enhancing SIgA and other immune complexes before baby is born.

It’s likely no surprise that queries are coming in about balancing immunity-tis the season! Everyone wants to know about the flu shot, antibiotics, their children’s immune health, nutritional suggestions and food therapies for immunity. No problem. In the past few years, I’ve written on and consulted heavily about immuno-modulation-I’ll share previous features in the article that follows this, yet encourage you to continue writing with your thoughtful questions. And, health care practitioners-don’t be shy, we’re all here to learn-as a consultant to the health care community I’m constantly learning and researching. Asking questions shows your commitment to the profession and your patients, so please, ask away. Sharing expertise is the greatest gift health care providers can offer one another.

Your thoughts are what make this blog roll; keep the comments coming!

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