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I know, I know, some of you see the word, “Spring” and think of a time far, far away as you watch the snowflakes fall outside your wintery windows. But, it really is coming- the daisies, April showers, bunnies hopping in the grass- you know, the season of flowers and pastels will be here sooner than you think! Here in San Diego we get to enjoy the long growing season and warmer weather a little earlier than most of the US, so we’re gearing up early for what’s ahead.

If you’re new here at Reaching Beyond Now, hello! Welcome! Garden Eats is my organic kitchen gardening blog and business. We teach people how to live well in the modern world by growing and eating organic, sustainable food. It’s a little less sciencey than what you get here and a lot more bubbly (yes, sarcasm prevails here at RBN- how else could we talk about all that sensitive hot-button stuff).

If you haven’t visited Garden Eats yet, please do! I’m co-writing two books right now- one with friend and genius UK based health chef, Magnus Mumby and the other with product developer and craft cocktail mixologist, Jeremy LeBlanc. I’ll be repping my best in all things food science, slow food philosophy and Chinese medicinal food therapy in these collections, but sharing the process and of course, recipes all along the way.

Kath, Garden Eats co-founder is prepping everyone now to get their seed catalogs ordered too! Last year so many folks wrote to us asking where to get seeds so she wanted to let everyone know much earlier this year! If you’re living in SoCal or another warm-weathered locale, stay tuned over there, she’ll be featuring an awesome article about soil culture- the thing that makes or breaks the health of your garden.

Another reason to visit Garden Eats? How about two- we just gave the site a new look to navigate recipes, lifestyle features and growing tips much easier along with our newly featured section on culinary drinks and spirits. The second reason- we’re still not done doing our giveaways for the new year!

The S T U F F. And, what’s to come in the new year here at Reaching Beyond Now? A lot more of the stuff that most people don’t like to write about- the stuff that’s difficult to talk about, the stuff that’s controversial, the stuff that is however, enlightening, empowering and oh so the stuff of life.

How Are You Celebrating Earth Day 2012?

I celebrate the earth 360 days a year. This includes being thankful for the abundance it offers my family and me everyday. I show this thanks by putting earth-preserving behaviors into action every single day such as using and purchasing goods that are Fair Trade, staying away from BPA containing products, composting, recycling EVERYTHING that can be, growing my own food, using little water, re-purposing goods, up-cycling goods, supporting local farmers… the list goes on. I hear from my patients, colleagues and friends, “isn’t it hard? what’s the big deal? I do what I can do.” The answers are N O, living an eco-conscious lifestyle is far from hard. Learning calculus was hard, finishing grad school was hard, but all the actions I listed are S O easy. These lifestyle choices require only three very simple things: action, conscious behavior and not being a lazy inconsiderate ass! Sound hard? Not so much right?!

We can all do more, so become aware of how your actions and behaviors affect the earth, your well-being and the people and communities around you.

If you love the earth and like living here, prove it by checking out a few of these articles and putting yourself into conscious action everyday!

Enter Garden Eats Earth Day giveaway to win a copy of Green Housekeeping

Sign a petition to S T O P a farm bill T O protect your food supply and small farmers

To re-wash or not re-wash bagged greens

Activities to take the kids to this weekend

Can I recycle styrofoam?

Newt Gingrich wants our kids to be janitors? Hey, I’d love my kid to be exposed to even more carcinogens!

More E A S Y ways to go green everyday

Why we S H O U L D label G M O foods… this means you would know if your food was genetically modified. Without this labeling, we run the risk of altering our genetic information & developing life threatening diseases.

Mit Romney: what the heck do we really know about our presidential candidate’s stances on G R E E N living?

Farmers think you should care about poop

Ever wonder where that plastic goes?

The Dirty Dozen

The environment might not be all you are disrupting with those cleaners

Label it! In a country that loves their labels, why not label G M Os?

Grow Map: If you are what you eat & what we feed our kids

Re-thinking the front lawn. Why Permaculture is S O important

Wait, do you want that on your skin? What’s in your personal care products?

A fast look at G M O Infographics

Biking: good for the bod, good for the environment

Kids Health

What’s in the water? Your infant’s formula too?

It’s Easier Than You Think To Love What You Do!

I’m a natural social scientist. I love people. How they live, what motivates them and to where their curiosities are drawn. What I really love is when people are happy. That’s why I’m an integrative health care specialist. Why I’m a researcher. Why I write, why I teach and why I advocate. Why I help develop socially conscious businesses. Why I started Garden Eats.

I care about how we can all learn to exist and thrive with one another collectively. It’s hard work, but it’s fun. It has a solid purpose and people can see and feel this.

That’s putting it simply. What lies between each of those sentences above is richly cushioned with experiences that have allowed me to straddle worlds that were once separate, yet that have begun to align and integrate in the modern world today.

What lines do you straddle? Have you asked yourself lately if you love what you do?

Are you?

Happy, enriched, intrigued, gratified, experiencing purpose, making a difference, having fun?

Try the Happy Top Ten to gauge your level of satisfaction with your career well-being. If you can list at least ten things about your career that offer you genuine happiness, that’s pretty cool! And, if you can’t, use this exercise to light the fire under your tushie to do something about it.


Personal success = perfection.
Personal success is about self-correction and self-awareness.
Do what makes you happy. It’s easier than you think.

Here’s my Happy Top Ten as they relate to my private practice:

  1. happy to help with the not so easy stuff
  2. happy to help with patients’ emotional wellness
  3. happy to review labs extensively (to develop the best treatment plan)
  4. happy to research a tricky case
  5. happy to help you choose a pediatrician
  6. happy to help my colleagues work on their challenging cases
  7. happy to be sure your child gets the best care
  8. happy to discuss your case with your other health care providers
  9. happy to help
  10. happy to help other people find happiness!
Share yours in the comments below!

You Get the Picture

National Nutrition Month at Garden Eats!

Photo by Ron Dressel

March marks National Nutrition Month here in the US. With nutrition finally having turned into a cool thing people want to be involved in, we’re going to be blogging all month long about how to make nutrition a lifestyle at Garden Eats!

Garden Eats will be highlighting a collective consciousness of chefs, specialty nutritionists and foodists, easy ways to incorporate a kitchen garden into your home or yard, a very tasty foodie give-away featuring local businesses, our new community fruit pick-n-share initiative, yum-tastic ways to get kids involved in the kitchen and we’re even going to show you microwave lovers out there that the stove is in fact, a much cooler invention!

What’s Planned for this Week?

Think you need acres and acres to raise your own food? Farm-fresh eggs made simple right here in So-Cal at the Puffer household!

How-to obtain the right seeds to keep local varietals from extinction and growing in your back yard

Visualizing nutrition: stressed out by weighing your food, dividing it into perfect portions and counting calories? Top foodists chime in on how-to get exactly what you need without all that stress!
Drop us a line here at Reaching Beyond Now or pop by Garden Eats to get-in on the give-away!

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