Does the Grass Always Need to Be Greener?


Anybody know how much water Californians use each year to water their lawns?

Down here in sunny San Diego county, it’s the largest use for H2O at a whopping 60%!

Why It Doesn’t Add Up

Dear California, in case you haven’t noticed, our state is a desert! So, when our most precious resource is becoming increasingly scarce, why are we maintaining behavior that is continuously wasting it?  Growing grass not only drains endless amounts of water, but it also deepens the harmful effects fertilizers and weed killers pose to the local ecology and municipal drinking sources.

Let’s look at the numbers.  Remember the last time it rained?  I do, in fact, it was today.  To give you an idea of how much rain fell, consider the last time you splashed water on your face to wake up.  Yep, that’s about it.  Annual rainfall in San Diego averages at only 9 inches!  Add in the 3 million folks living here, temperatures climbing past 100 degrees F, and it simply doesn’t add up to grow that grass!

What to do?

  • Concentrate your sprawl with native plants and drought tolerant foliage.  Visit Green Eco Service’s handy list of California nurseries offering native foliage.  Try some phlox, juniper, or sedum!
  • Your favorite color is green?  Rip up the lawn and install a carpet that will never need watering.  Turf is the new green.  Unlike others that gas off harmful polycyclic hydro-carbons, check out Ecoalliance’s toxin free waterless sod.
  • Take the 20 gallon challenge proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders.  Think you can only use 20 gallons of water per day?  Give it a shot!

Anybody have experience with a waterless lawn?  Post your pictures here for other readers to see!

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