My Perspective On Mentoring

Before we “get columning”, we are sharing our unique perspectives on mentorship as we enter into our partnership. Here’s mine! You can read Tara’s here.

Mentors are

Cool, wise, compassionate, experienced, necessary, inspiration in human form who believe in and see our potential to excel and thrive.

Mentors can be

Teachers, doctors, friends, parents, family members, your parent’s business partner… Somebody with dynamic experience excited to embrace a new-comer into their chosen field to help steer them along the learning curves.

My advice on picking a mentor is

To go ahead and pick more than one! Choose people who are open to new ideas, sharing their own experiences in tangible ways and who you have a personal connection to. Find somebody who wants to get to know you. This way, when you’re being pushed a little beyond your comfort zone, you’ll realize later (graciously) that it was only to help you grasp what was lying ahead!

What makes the relationship viable?

Honesty and open-ness are essential. Remember, mentors will help build your self-esteem; don’t be afraid to show your true colors so they know how to help direct your success. Let them know what works for you and what doesn’t… Offering feedback makes the relationship mutually accentuating and reinforcing for both the mentor and protege.

My mentors are

My mom and friend, Kath and my professor, friend and faithful guide, Dr. Lynda Harvey. Both, in their own right are boundary breakers who have persevered toward their goals through limit-less creativity. Kath has always instilled the spirit in me to “dream big” even if it means taking a path not yet well-traveled! Kath and Lynda possess an innate energy for seeing the possibility in what lies ahead, showing me that even adversity offers the richest of opportunity.

I’ll never forget

While doing the rounds one busy afternoon at the Children’s hospital when Lynda took her name tag off, threw it over my neck and said, “okay, go to the third floor, talk to the parents about treatment options and just pretend you’re me.” She then turned on her heel and walked off. Momentarily frozen, I giggled, but quickly shook it off; empowered by her confidence in my ability. I reminded myself that what seemed so huge to me was something she’d been doing naturally for years.

Lynda also saw and dealt with my weak spots when I began consulting in her private practice. Oh, how many mistakes I made! The coolest thing about having a solid mentor is that they’ll have your back and spend the extra time guiding you along that sometimes, very windy learning curve! As a business development consultant, I can forecast all the little bumps in the road a new-comer might not see ahead because of these experiences.

Read Tara’s unique perspective on mentoring here.

6 thoughts on “My Perspective On Mentoring

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  2. I love the story about Dr. Lynda taking off her name tag and giving you the opportunity to interact with patients. Amazing. Like you, my mom is also my mentor and friend.

  3. Ananda! It was a joy meeting you over the phone today! Wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to take part in your inspirational project! Hey readers, check out Ananda’s project on twitter @DigitalSisterhd

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