That About Sums It Up

I sent a lot of emails and talked to a lot of people today. Here’s what it was all about..

Set up a book promo about organic housekeeping

Discussed the microbiological influences of home-ecology on the environment

Designed a gluten free menu for a cafe

Explained intestinal permeability to a patient

Talked about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Wrote an article explaining how to properly have your thyroid tested

Sent my biography for a gluten-free cooking class I’ll be teaching

Let’s see, what else?

Had a very poignant anthropological discussion with a friend and new business partner

Discussed the launch of two new food products and a nutriceutical related to neuroscience that Garden Eats and I are developing

Made plans to teach a functional medicine seminar to a group of physician’s assistants on integrative endocrinology and immunology.

Why am I telling you all of this? I’m not looking for a pat on the back I promise. I’m writing today because I’m often asked, “now exactly what do you do?” With a giggle, I generally reply, “oh, I do a lot.” In essence, my “work” is a true sense of integrated learning and design for modern living.

At the heart of what of I do is contribute to society in a consientious, heartfelt way that helps people grow, evolve, advance and learn to co-exist better among one another. With my hands in the social sciences, medicine and wellness, organic methods and socially conscious community based living, I guess I’m a modern day anthropological dork. Can that go on my next set of business cards?

So the next time you ask, you’ll get a long response… But know that I work, because I am deeply connected to all of you and how we can all have a little fun, together.

Cheers to cultivating the new year ahead-looking forward to all of you who will be a part of it!

Yours Truly;

Professional Smileypants

4 thoughts on “That About Sums It Up

  1. You are a multi-talented lady, C! Thank you for providing me/us with a window into all you do and know. It’s very cool to get a picture of your diverse talents and interests… it’s helped inspire my next question to you, my dear mentor:>)

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