How Are You Celebrating Earth Day 2012?

I celebrate the earth 360 days a year. This includes being thankful for the abundance it offers my family and me everyday. I show this thanks by putting earth-preserving behaviors into action every single day such as using and purchasing goods that are Fair Trade, staying away from BPA containing products, composting, recycling EVERYTHING that can be, growing my own food, using little water, re-purposing goods, up-cycling goods, supporting local farmers… the list goes on. I hear from my patients, colleagues and friends, “isn’t it hard? what’s the big deal? I do what I can do.” The answers are N O, living an eco-conscious lifestyle is far from hard. Learning calculus was hard, finishing grad school was hard, but all the actions I listed are S O easy. These lifestyle choices require only three very simple things: action, conscious behavior and not being a lazy inconsiderate ass! Sound hard? Not so much right?!

We can all do more, so become aware of how your actions and behaviors affect the earth, your well-being and the people and communities around you.

If you love the earth and like living here, prove it by checking out a few of these articles and putting yourself into conscious action everyday!

Enter Garden Eats Earth Day giveaway to win a copy of Green Housekeeping

Sign a petition to S T O P a farm bill T O protect your food supply and small farmers

To re-wash or not re-wash bagged greens

Activities to take the kids to this weekend

Can I recycle styrofoam?

Newt Gingrich wants our kids to be janitors? Hey, I’d love my kid to be exposed to even more carcinogens!

More E A S Y ways to go green everyday

Why we S H O U L D label G M O foods… this means you would know if your food was genetically modified. Without this labeling, we run the risk of altering our genetic information & developing life threatening diseases.

Mit Romney: what the heck do we really know about our presidential candidate’s stances on G R E E N living?

Farmers think you should care about poop

Ever wonder where that plastic goes?

The Dirty Dozen

The environment might not be all you are disrupting with those cleaners

Label it! In a country that loves their labels, why not label G M Os?

Grow Map: If you are what you eat & what we feed our kids

Re-thinking the front lawn. Why Permaculture is S O important

Wait, do you want that on your skin? What’s in your personal care products?

A fast look at G M O Infographics

Biking: good for the bod, good for the environment

Kids Health

What’s in the water? Your infant’s formula too?

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