Peer To Peer Mentoring With Tara Joyce: April Edition

My Question For Tara

This month my question is about managing business relationships where friends are involved. Generally I’m the one handing out relationship advice, but looks like I need a fresh take on this one! I have always had great success working with friends. I’m in the beginning stages of a new project with a friend and I’m already thinking I may need to dissolve the business side of it. I move fast and work fast… and they don’t. I can appreciate every effort a snail makes, but not in this case. How can I continue to move ahead, pursuing the project, but solo? Any advice for tactfully going about this with my friend?

Tara’s Make-Me-Think-More-About-It Response

You seem sure that you want to dissolve the business partnership — I hope you don’t mind if I explore that a bit more.

I see business partnership as similar than life partnership. It’s two people committing to growing something together.

If you haven’t already, before you take action and leave the commitment, give your Self the chance to communicate what your needs are to your partner, and give your partnership an opportunity to explore how it can better grow to meet those needs. This open conversation style could create a space for your business partner to discuss any unmet needs they may have. For all we know, those issues could be contributing to their slow pace, and your feelings of impatience. In this conversation, you may also find a compromising space where the partnership can continue. If you don’t find that space, it creates an easy door from which you can exit the partnership from. If you do find that compromising space, you both have created an opportunity to evolve and expand your collaboration skills — and continue to grow your project together.

Over at Elastic Mind I offered some ideas to Tara on how to express to the world at-large her multi-faceted career. Are you a multi-talented entrepreneur? Let us know what you think or how you help people understand exactly what you do! Check it out here.

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