Are You In The Creative Flow?

Christine Dionese Reaching Beyond Now Creative Flow

Creative people do things differently than most others. Some might even describe creatives as unconventional. I call creativity bliss, flow; being at home with myself. Just being around other creatives helps reinforce my passion to discover new ways of helping others, to unearth some obscure piece of research, to find that thing that supposedly didn’t exist {such as underlying root causes of a patient’s health concerns}. Being in the creative flow reminds me that possibility is worth risk and that happiness often does depend on the unconventional.

Neuroscientists and psychologists agree that harnessing creativity depends on being able to:


Work during hours that engender personal creative flow.

Allow time for introspection.

Transform obstacles into opportunities.

Ask big questions. Ask little questions. Voice curiosity.

Be yourself.

Watch, observe {breathe} and take risks.

Fail and become resilient.

Get out of your head {to explore new ways of thinking}.

See the bigger picture {see possibilities}.

Become diverse.

And, become mindful.

Are you in the flow?





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