Who's Got Your Back?

Photo by Passamanerie

Want to help increase the efficacy of a future vaccine you or a family member may receive?

Check out the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System co-sponsored by the CDC and FDA. If you opted for the H1N1 vaccination and are experiencing side effects; they’ve got your back (or covering their asses, depends how you want to look at it). The carefully assembled web forum allows both health care providers and patients to conveniently report any side effects. If you’re a patient, the best way to ensure precise documentation is to bypass your doctor and first contact VAERS. After you’ve reported your experience, follow-up by contacting your physicians to let them know you’ve gone on record. Because reporting is voluntary, less than 10 percent of physicians complete the follow-through and never contact the Reporting System. The government run agency allows you to contact them via the web, conventional mail, or fax.

Protect yourself; protect your future.

Think You’re Sick? Think Again

With hospital emergency rooms reporting full capacities all over the nation; it might not be where you want to find yourself during a flu outbreak. Wait times have been shown to go anywhere from 8-18 hours for concerns deemed less than emergent by the staff. Give your physician a call and seek their advice before heading over. Of course,  if your life or a loved one’s is in danger, proceed.

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